5 life lessons from Frozen II
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5 Life Lessons from Frozen 2

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Wow! Just wow. My daughter and I watched Frozen 2 yesterday afternoon and I am just blown away by how many life lessons are packed into this movie.

It was such an indescribable time for me as we sat there laughing together and crying (well, okay, I was the only one crying) to have this moment in time with my girl. I remember how little she was when the first Frozen movie came out.

I remember her standing in front of the TV with her cute little self in her cute little pigtails singing her heart out to “Let It Go.” That movie was on constant replay back then. And for years, everything was all about Frozen; bedsheets, pj’s, dolls, dresses. You name it. If it had anything Frozen on it, she likely had it.

Then as the years went by and my girl continued to get a little bit older, the obsession of Frozen started to fade. There are hints of Frozen still in our house but just not as much.

So, as we sat there yesterday watching Frozen 2, I couldn’t help but think of the sweeter times gone by and how I was making a lasting memory with my baby girl. It wasn’t in the movie theater like I wanted but it was still perfect.

In the mist of being self quarantined due to the COVID-19, we celebrated life and happiness. And it was good. It was just what this over-stressed momma needed.

And I couldn’t help but see so many life lessons within the movie that I had to share with you! So without further ado, here are the lessons you can use right now to help you through whatever hard time you may be going through.


1. “My love is not fragile.”


This is such a strong and bold statement. I think it needs to be said more often to the ones we love, especially when we have been wronged. Kristoff had just sung his heart out wondering if he was enough for Anna after she left with Elsa to go the glacier called Ahtohallan.

When they were reunited, Anna tells him she’s sorry for leaving him behind. His reply was one of the most mature statements I have heard in a long time. “My love is not fragile.”

How often do we let ourselves get offended and hurt by someone else’s actions and words? What’s your normal response when you are feeling let down and your pride is bruised?

I’ll tell you my response is not this. But isn’t this what Jesus is calling us to be like as Christian wives, parents, and friends?

True love is not prideful. It is not boastful when we know we are right and our husbands are wrong (Ouch!). True love is not self seeking but seeks to build up others instead. And when we’ve been hurt by the ones we love the most, true love is strong and resilient.

True love is not fragile. Say it with me, “My love is not fragile.”


2. We Have to Keep Doing the Next Right Thing.


Man, this one hits me right in the feels. As Anna was singing in despair from the pain she was feeling, I knew that familiar ache.

It’s when you’ve been slapped in the face with yet another life altering event. A family member suddenly passes. You miscarry again and wonder if you can go on. Your child is diagnosed with cancer. We’ve all felt that pain.

You feel like you’re in that state of where you’re not fully asleep and not fully awake and you’re walking around feeling numb. For the most part, you are ready to give in to the darkness and despair and never leave.

But you have to keep going on. You have to keep living. All you need to focus on at this point is to keep doing the next right thing. Eventually, you will see the sunshine again and you will begin to appreciate the little things again.

Keep taking one step at a time. Don’t focus on the future because it’s too much to bear. Just focus on doing the next right thing. Then the next right thing. Then the next.

There are so many life lesson to be found by watching Frozen 2. Here are 5 of the most important ones you can start applying today!

3. You Must Go Into the Unknown


Another great song from the movie, Frozen 2, is “Into the Unknown.” Watching Elsa sing it with such passion and really listening to the lyrics made me feel like I’ve been in her shoes many times.

It’s funny how as we become adults that we become more fearful of the unknown. We all start out as babies and toddlers venturing out into the unknown world to discover its treasures and to make sense of our place in this world.

As a child, discovering new places is an exciting adventure we can hardly wait for. We love doing different things and finding out more about ourselves.

What it is that makes up who we are? Are we musicians? Artists? Teachers? Are we lovers of knowledge? Are we athletic? Were we made for the outdoors? How will we know unless we go into the unknown and find out?

Isn’t that what this life is all about? Finding our purpose and letting our passions form us into who we were created to be. And by finding ourselves, it’s just a natural by-product that we help others as well.

The challenge I give you is to not let the callings of your desires go ignored. Don’t let fear keep you from going into the unknown. Don’t let your passions die without finding out where they will lead you. You are not alone in this journey. God will provide for you. Others will come along the way. Just look for the helpers. They will carry you into the unknown and you will be so glad you didn’t stop and let fear have it’s way.


4. Show Yourself and Be Found


I think my favorite song from Frozen 2 was “Show Yourself.” It’s at the climax of the story and we are finding out along with Elsa who she really is. She finds her true self after years of self-doubt and uncertainty. It’s the time in our lives that we all long for. To understand why we are here and know our place in this world.

To finally understand why we are so different from all the other people. To be honest, this is how I’ve felt most of my life. I didn’t seem to fit in with a particular crowd in school, nor did I want to fit in. I never wanted to pretend to be someone I’m not. It’s always been too exhausting for me.

In college it was the same. Wherever I’ve ended up in life, I just don’t seem to fit in. But early on in life, I learned to embrace this. It’s still painful at times, don’t get me wrong. I often feel lonely. But I accept this as part of who I am. I’m able to see the bright points about being so different. Like that it gives me empathy for others. I’m much more aware of others feelings than most people.

I encourage you to find yourself like Elsa did. Don’t be afraid to show who you really are to others. And by not pretending to be who you are not, you will know your place in this world. You will find yourself.


5. All Your Answers Are Found In Jesus


The whole point of Frozen 2 is to find answers. Elsa wants to know who keeps calling her. She also wants to know why she has powers.

Elsa and Anna want to know the truth about what happened long ago between the two kingdoms of Arendelle and Northuldra. They believe Ahtohallan, “the river of memory,” will reveal to them the answers. So they set on this quest to go to Ahtohallan.

In the story it is believed all the answers are found in this river full of memories. In the song about the river the question is asked, “Can you brave what you most fear? Can you face what the river knows?” It ends with saying, “When all is lost, then all is found.”

There is someone today who has all the answers to the questions we have. In John 7:37-38 Jesus says, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from that person’s heart, as the Scripture says.”

Jesus is our river of memory. He holds all the answers. All we need to do is put our trust in him. If you are having trouble finding yourself, give it all to Jesus. When all is lost, then all is found. You will find your truest self living for him. The questions is, “Can you brave what you most fear?” Will you give it all to him?


Accept the Journey of Self-Discovery


Sometimes we are our own worst enemies. We don’t believe in ourselves and we can’t see the potential that lies within us. Sometimes we are our own villain.

Although Frozen 2 didn’t have the typical villain, it was more about discovering your true self and accepting the gifts you’ve been given. And isn’t that what living on this earth is about? We are here to discover our true selves. To find the reason we exist and then live life to the fullest using our gifts and talents to serve God and others.

In summary, remember to tell your loved ones often, “My love is not fragile.” They need to know you will always be there for them.

Keep doing the next right thing. Life is hard and it will knock you down but keep doing the next right thing. You will make it.

Don’t be afraid to go into the unknown. It is there that you will grow by facing your fears. And by journeying into the unknown you will learn more about your true self and what your purpose is on this earth.

And finally, you don’t need to worry because all your answers can be found by trusting in Jesus.

I would love to know what insights you gained from watching Frozen 2! Tell me in the comments below!

And if you’d like to read the lyrics of the songs, here is one place I found them.

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